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Workshop Survey

Are you:
Are you concerned about too many bills or debt?
Are you concerned about a lack of savings for retirement?
Are you concerned about a lack of preparation for your kids' college education?
Are you concerned about not having enough protection in the case of disability, long term illness, or even death?
Do you support children, aging parents or any other dependents?
Are you concerned about the future of your job or career?
Do you feel that concepts involving insurance, debt, inflation, tax and other financial services are confusing?
When saving for the future, what results are you going after?
Do you want to learn how to fund your child's college or university costs?
Do you want to learn more about how money works and how to build a stronger financial foundation?
Are you interested in making more money on a part-time basis?
Do you want to explore a new business career in the fast growing financial industry?

Survey Submitted!

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